by Jason Wise
November 1998
In Memory of Pete Garrett
My heartbeat racing, growing wilder and more impatient with every beat.
pumping hard, so hard it's as if my heart were to fly right from my chest.
its racing rythm sounds like it could be the music of my flapping wings as each intricate feather reaches itself out to grasp the wind beneath it.
fighting hard to fly towards clear skies yet trapped within a dark cage.
despite the struggle and despair, there will come a time when the door will open to set me free and release me to a new existance.
once outside the illusion of the cage that surrounds me i get higher and higher with each flutter of a wing until suddenly, my heartbeat stops.
my once pounding heart, now silently standing still, beats no more.
then there are no more echoes of my wings beating against the wind.
however, even though my wings no longer flap i will not spiral downwards towards the cage where i once perched upon a bitter reality.
the same cage where i often dreamt in black and white of the day when i could fly free.
instead, i will dream in color.
i will spread my wings out across the horizon and i will soar...forever.

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