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Indian Hills Airpark Pilot Wins La Paz County Award

By Ron Kilber

April 12, 2001

Parker, Arizona -- La Paz County Sheriff Hal Collett named George Roth the Search and Rescue (SAR) Division's "Member of the Year" for 2000. The sheriff made the award tonight at the Department's Boating Safety Center north of Parker on the Colorado River. Twenty-five SAR members attended the regular county-wide meeting.

Sheriff Hal Collett presents George Roth (left) with SAR "Man of the Year" award.     (photo by Ron Kilber)

Roth is a pilot and resident of the Indian Hills Airpark, Salome, Ariz. He has been a volunteer member for many years, tirelessly devoting hundreds of hours of effort annually, according to the SAR Division's Sgt. Karen Harris.

The SAR "Member of the Year" award is made annually to recognize individuals who volunteer time and effort towards SAR activity and safety of citizens throughout La Paz County. The SAR Division has more than seventy members county-wide.

The state of Arizona presented its own SAR "Member of the Year" award, which was made earlier this year to La Paz County resident, Dan Warner. He was chosen for the 2000 award from all SAR units throughout the fifteen counties within Arizona.

A rescue-diver class begins May 8 at 3 p.m. The course will be every Tuesday for 6 to 8 weeks, held at the Boating Safety Center, 8484 Riverside Drive, Parker. Residents interested in volunteering for the Department's SAR Division are encouraged to contact Sheriff Hal Collett at 520-669-6141 (or 311 in the Salome area).

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