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F-18 Fallen-man Fly-over at Indian Hills Airpark

By Ron Kilber

February 16, 2001

Salome, Arizona -- An F-18 Navy Hornet fighter jet flew low today over the Indian Hills Airpark in memory of Lt. Daren David Jewell "Chowder" who was killed last October while flying a training mission from the aircraft carrier USS Constellation. The fallen man's parents, Dave and Kathy Jewell, reside at this remote airpark one-hundred miles west of Phoenix.

Lt. Jewell
Lt. Daren David Jewell, May 22, 1974 - October 20, 2000 (Photo courtesy Jewell family)

The Navy Hornet arrived precisely at the appointed time of 11:30 a.m. MST, piloted by CDR Brad Conners "Brick", commanding officer of Strike Force VFA 151 Vigilantes, of which Jewell was a member. The squadron is based at Lemoore Naval Air Station southwest of Fresno, Calif.

Jewell's accident followed a night launch in his F-18 from the USS Constellation one-hundred miles off the coast of San Diego last October 20. His squadron was training in preparation for deployment this March 1st. Jewell's body was never recovered from the Pacific Ocean.

More than two dozen airpark friends and neighbors gathered in the Jewell's yard to witness the F-18 high-speed fly-by in perfect Arizona weather.

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4:40PM 2/16/01

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