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Providing a literary resource for pilots and enthusiasts is what I have in mind for this page -- armchair exploring, adventure and excitement, as well as ideas and instructions on how we're going to spend our next vacation. With the passing of time, it is my hope that this page will fill with many useful links for unending hours of enjoyment and dreaming -- leading to actual fun and experience in the three-dimensional world.
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Aviation Travelogues

Up and Away "Diary of a Student Pilot" as mentioned in PRIVATE PILOT, June '99 (page 78)
Silent Giants by Ronald H. Gruner Great read! Couldn't put it down after I clicked on the first chapter. Excellent photos, and great asides about engines, ferry pilots and history. You might surf the web for a year and never find a true jewel like this one. Bookmark it!
Arctic/Northern Culture Aviation Stuff from the Mining Company
Arctic/Northern Culture Travel Journals from the Mining Company
Yahoo's Aviation Travelogues
Breakfast Club Phoenix-based flying club featuring monthly outings to airports in Arizona and neighboring states.

Home Pages

Arizona Coupe Group Phoenix-based Ercoupe club
Dave's Ercoupe Page 41 Charlie, "58" Forney
Marcus' Page
Jesse Tinsley's NEW Photojournalism Page
Personal Pages about Aviation The place to find almost anyone's personal page about aviation.


AVweb Aviation News
KitPlane's Links Page Homebuilt airplanes, rotorcraft, ultralights and other special-interest, do-it-yourself flying machine links.
The Southern Aviator Hotlist

On-line Resources

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